A Few of My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

How was your summer? Our days were full of family travel, kitesurfing, trips to the pool and library, and refereeing the latest injustice. I had intentions of doing a lot more writing this summer but sometimes your plans don’t come to fruition.

School starts this week and I think we are ready. I’m ready to get back to a routine and start working on a few projects before the holidays hit. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things for the last few weeks.

Easygoing mornings

I love having the flexibility in the morning to make muffins, pancakes or go out to sample one of the local bakeries. The day begins with a lot of possibilities even if doesn’t end that way.

Water sports

We did a lot of swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and kitesurfing. I love exploring on the paddle board and kayak. Swimming brings back childhood memories of summers spent in the pool and kitesurfing has pushed me out of my comfort zone.


I’m not a big camper but I did grow up camping. My children love it so much that both my husband and I have committed to camping regardless of our preference. They love sleeping in the tent with their sleeping bags, making s’mores and spending time in the great outdoors. They are literally so insanely happy when we all go camping that I will gladly forego my discomfort just to experience their joy.

The Tim Ferris Show

I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I do housework or yard work. It keeps my mind engaged in learning or keeping up with current events. Recently, I started listening to The Tim Ferris Show and I’ve really been enjoying it.┬áSeveral years ago, I had read his book,The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, when I was trying to figure how to leave my corporate job.

Typically, he interviews people who are at the top of their game and they talk about the strategies and self-talk that got them where they are. It’s really inspiring when you realize that a lot of it is about refining skills and handling┬árejected. I will warn you, the episodes are long and some get very detailed but the vast majority are really inspirational.

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