About Me

I’m Julia! I started Sweaty Clothes, Dirty Dishes because I often feel that’s what my life is about. I get up in the morning try to unload the dishwasher, brew a cup of coffee, squeeze in some quiet time and exercise before the rest of the house wakes up. Then it’s off to drop the kids at school and get on with my day whatever that looks like.

Sometimes I shower but more often then not, I just stay in my exercise clothes all day and the breakfast dishes stay on the table until dinner. I don’t have it all figured out but I have found some things that make me saner.

I’ve become a bit of a health nut in recent years even though I do love to eat anything and everything. Sadly, my age and sweet tooth are catching up with me and I’m now classified as pre-diabetic. Since I have two beautiful daughters that I want to escort into adulthood, I watch what I eat.

This seems to be just the latest in the string of things I’ve had to adjust to and give up. I feel like motherhood is often about constantly giving up things (fashion sense, body, time, me). Sweaty Clothes, Dirty Dishes is about trying to reclaim part of myself and hopefully encourage others to help us all live our best lives regardless of what that looks like at the moment.