Allowances for children

Allowances For Children

How do we teach children to handle money responsibly? I asked myself this question last month—my younger daughter wanted to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in the family, but had already spent most of her allowance on potato chips and Pokémon cards. This put me into one of those typical parenting dilemmas that we […]

Introducing Chores to Children

I grew up on a farm in Vermont, complete with horses and cows. My father worked as an engineer for a specialty tools company, and my mother managed a handful of residential properties. On evenings and weekends, they caught up with all the farming and maintenance work. We didn’t have the money to hire outside […]

Choosing the “Right” Elementary School

It’s that beautiful time of year again in San Francisco: Karl the Fog (yes, we’ve named the fog) has receded, so it’s warm enough to wear shorts and eat outside without freezing. It also happens to be the start of school admissions season. My two girls are now in the same K-8 school—hooray for single […]

Raising Happy Children

What is our primary role as parents? Is it to ensure that our children have access to the best of everything? To set them up for financial success? Where does teaching them to be happy fit in? As a mom, I find it difficult to choose even when I know what the “right” answer is. […]

My Picky Eater

How do you deal with a child refuses to eat fruits or vegetables? This is one of my biggest struggles. She is a great kid in every sense of the word – thoughtful, helpful, studious, polite, healthy, everything I could ask for. My biggest issue is trying to get her to eat fruits and vegetables. […]

Air Travel with Infants

We are in the height of travel season and having just gotten back from a vacation with my own children, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned traveling with my children over the years. This will be the first in a series of posts based on different ages of children. I started […]

School’s Out!

While those words may strike fear in the minds of many parents, I’m actually looking forward to the downtime, not having to rush out of the house, and being able to spend some time exploring with my girls. Of course, I’m not looking forward to the fighting and the “I’m bored.” comments. For now though, […]