Feeling “In Control”

I am a morning person.  I wasn’t always a morning person but I have become a morning person.

When my youngest was born, my life simultaneously went into over-the-top crazy mode. I had a two year old at home who still very much needed her mommy. My due date had been Christmas Day, so I was already exhausted from the holidays. We brought home the baby and had a bunch of crazy misunderstandings with the doctor “on call” that ended up with a threat to call Child Protection Services. On top of all that, my husband had to leave on a week-long business trip. Aaaaah!!!! I did truly freak out.

I’m honestly not sure how I made it through those first months. We have no family close by and no means to hire help. As I mentioned above, my husband’s travel schedule really picked up so I had to go it alone.

I needed to find some way to get some sense of control and order back in my life. From this need, I determined the only time that could truly be mine was early in the morning before the rest of the family woke up. So I started getting up at 5 AM.

This was revolutionary for me. Of course, I was exhausted from late night breastfeeding and running after my toddler but I had a small bit of control back in my life! When my husband came home and asked if I had called that one person he’d asked me to call I could say YES! It was worth more than my lost hour of sleep to me because I FELT like I was accomplishing something.

Now with the girls both in school, I still get up at 5 AM to have some quiet time before the rest of the house wakes up, make school lunches and to exercise. I do it every day because we mamas are on duty even on the weekend. I can start my day fully loaded with coffee and without a barrage of requests.

I know 5 AM is not everyone’s idea of a good time but the important thing here is that one small change pushed me a little and paid out dividends.

What are some of the ways you’ve made small changes to improve your life?

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