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My Picky Eater

How do you deal with a child refuses to eat fruits or vegetables? This is one of my biggest struggles. She is a great kid in every sense of the word – thoughtful, helpful, studious, polite, healthy, everything I could ask for. My biggest issue is trying to get her to eat fruits and vegetables.

Last night was another case in point, it was a beautiful warm night and we had spent the afternoon at the beach. On our way home, we picked up some steak and asparagus to throw on the grill. I topped the asparagus with lemon juice and parmesan, a recipe that most of the family enjoys and told my daughter to eat one spear, just one. Daddy cut it up into small pieces to make it easier to go down. She got to the third piece and threw up. Great! Now what? I feel terrible forcing her to eat something that makes her gag but then again, all veggies make her gag and not eating them isn’t an option.

I wish I could say that this was an unusual situation but it’s not. I’ve seriously bought every book/cookbook out there on trying to get your children to eat well and it hasn’t worked. I have sent her to bed without dinner because she refuses to eat and she’s happy to go to bed hungry. I have a small vegetable garden which worked for a little while. She cooks and shops for vegetables with me, she just won’t eat them.

I guess, like many things, I have to make peace with knowing this will be a battle and not becoming emotional about it. I have to continue to have fruits and vegetables on the table. I have to continue to remind her why we need to eat these things and be an example to her. Maybe one day, she’ll wake up and magically fall in love them. One can always hope.

Do you have any picky eating stories? I’d love to hear.

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