School’s Out!

While those words may strike fear in the minds of many parents, I’m actually looking forward to the downtime, not having to rush out of the house, and being able to spend some time exploring with my girls. Of course, I’m not looking forward to the fighting and the “I’m bored.” comments. For now though, I only see the possibilities. Let me keep my rose-colored glasses on for a few minutes.

Every summer, I try to put together a bucket list of things I’d like to do to help give our summer some structure and to get the kids out of the house. I generally try to keep our list focused on the cultural, natural and almost free. It forces me to be creative.

I thought I’d share my list in case there are any ideas that help you.

  1. Ardenwood Historic Farm – local working farm with the purpose of teaching children
  2. Sticker factory tour
  3. Swim in the local ponds and pools
  4. Lindsay Wildlife Experience
  5. Hiking – I’m actually thinking of getting the girls on some real hikes this year
  6. Mini Golf
  7. Bowling
  8. Old Sacramento
  9. Mission Dolores – birthplace of San Francisco
  10. Nut Tree Plaza – old historic amusement park that’s been around forever
  11. Coit Tower
  12. Fisherman’s Wharf
  13. Ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli Square
  14. SF Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)
  15. California Academy of Sciences
  16. Tide pools
  17. Candle making
  18. Participating in our libraries summer reading program.
  19. Bicycling
  20. Taking advantage of activities on which lists so many activities that are free or almost free
  21. Outdoor movies
  22. Playdates and sleepovers

… and if we get to all of that you’ll find me curled up in a corner napping. Stay tuned!


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